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Our goal is to provide Maximum Comfort, well-being and safety at home

The smart home system in general is a major leap in the world of technology and a tremendous development towards a more enjoyable, comfortable and luxurious life by controlling your home by creating the perfect atmosphere or according to your requirements, from anywhere in the world by one button from your smart phone, voice commands or action “Daily routine”.

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We Will Provide Convenience In Your Home

We connect smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.


Our Solutions use the most leading protocols in the Wireless Automation market.

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Smart Home Construction


Our Products come with a very premium design and high quality.


Our Devices are easy to install, flexible to upgrade.

Who Are We ?

About The Company

Home Sense, one of the leading firms in the field of smart home services in the Middle East, is the best solution to modern-day smart houses that will make you more comfortable, prosperous and secure with the latest smart devices that coincide with the evolution of modern-day technology.

Safe House

Give your kids the level of safety they deserve, and let them sleep quietly.

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Our Services

We have a lot to Offer

A life experience free of trouble with our smart house solutions. Easy to structure, uniform control and custom adjustment. Free technical support for 3 months, two-year guarantee against manufacturing defects.

Why to Upgrade

Your Home to a Smart Home


Simplicity in a daily life

Control your smart home from anywhere using a phone and voice aids like Alexa or Google.


Energy Saving

There's no need to worry about electricity costs. You can monitor the power consumption and shut it down from inside or outside the house with one button press.


Safety and Security

We've got a lot of security systems from smart surveillance cameras, locking doors with smart access, different sensors and surveillance systems.


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Tamer Sabry


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Mohamed El-Menshawy


يتم تقديم الخدمات بحرفية شديدة و اعجبني الالتزام في المواعيد و التسليم

Ahmed Mohsen

الحضور و التسليم في المواعيد المتفق عليها كانت من أفصل الخدمات التي لما احصل عليها من قبل , شركة محترفة للغاية.

Mohamed Zakareia

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Ahmed Hassan
Ahmed Hassan


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Omar Abd El-Rehiem
Omar Abd El-Rehiem

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